6 Tips to Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals

In the last 30 years, I have helped people achieve all kinds of personal fitness goals from helping people become World Fitness GoalsChampions to those who just want to wear smaller jeans. One thing I have learned is everyone is human and we all have strengths and weaknesses. Even those that may come across as tough as nails, still need help, motivation, and encouragement. So stop thinking “I should be able to do this without any help.”

Based on my success in helping people achieve their fitness goals, I would like to share some helpful advice to help you make this your last “restart” on attaining your health and fitness goals.

1. Set Specific Fitness Goals. Determine if your goal is weight loss, increasing muscle definition, or something else. Not everyone has the same fitness goals. Once you have determined your goals, write them down because studies show that we achieve the goals we write down.

2. Assess your Health. You might be ready to start a new fitness plan, and on the other hand, you might have some limitations that you need to consider such as joint issues or being under medical care. Everyone has a starting point, and it won’t be the same for everyone. If you are under medical care, always consult your doctor before starting a new workout or fitness plan.

3. Pace Yourself. Remember, you didn’t get in poor health overnight and you won’t get fit overnight. Most of all, avoid fads and rapid weight loss programs, as they can often be more harmful than helpful. And most of all, the results are often temporary. You want a plan that will help you develop the right nutrition habits, while increasing your core strength and getting cardio benefits all at the same time. Lastly, know that you don’t have to overdue it to get results. In fact, I developed a 30 minute workout plan that gets amazing results for my clients when performed just 2-3 times per week.

4. Find What Works Best For You. If you find your chosen fitness regimen boring or not enjoyable, it might not be the best method for you. What’s important is that you develop a routine that you can embrace long term.

5. Know that Nutrition Matters. I am not just talking about what you eat, but what your body absorbs. Having the right nutrition can result in better digestion; specifically you can eat the right foods all day wrong, but if your body isn’t absorbing them, it’s not doing you any good. I discuss this in my book, The Fitness Puzzle, so if you are unclear of the connection with digestion and proper supplementation, I recommend picking up a copy of my book on Amazon as it’s more than I can cover in this article.

6. Get a Fitness Coach / Trainer. Even the pros need coaches, so why not you? If you are setting out on a journey that you have not been on before, it’s recommend to get a coach that has a history of helping people get the results you are seeking to get. If you are ready to hire a coach that can help you get results, just give me a call and we can discuss your situation.

I hope you found this helpful and I wish you success in attaining your health and fitness goals.

(This article was originally published in the Valley Voice Magazine)