Corporate fitness programs have been around since the mid-1970’s but have been gaining in popularity since “Corporate America” realized that there are numerous advantages to employing healthy people. Studies have proven that a health and wellness program, backed by the employer, will significantly save businesses thousands of dollars by:

  • Reducing health care costs
  • Increasing productivity
  • Decreasing sick days, absenteeism and worker’s compensation/disability
  • Improve employee morale, loyalty, camaraderie and team building

Proper nutrition, an appropriate exercise routine and living a healthy lifestyle will improve a person’s environment which will ultimately change their attitude and confidence.

Economically, having healthy, happy, productive people is crucial to the bottom line. Because competition can be fierce, having employees performing at their best should be a top priority. Your employees are your most important asset, introducing them to a healthier lifestyle generates success in all aspects of their lives. If an employer shows they have a vested interest in an employee’s physical and mental wellbeing, employees are more likely to be loyal and committed to the betterment of a company.

Although one-on-one personal training is a specialty at Major League Conditioning Centers, group training is at the grass roots of the business. Before personal training became affordable, MLCC conducted exercise and stretching classes for groups of all sizes up to 50 people.

Bill Ross incorporated the same exercise and stretching techniques when he was with the Kansas City Royals. As the strength and conditioning coach, it was his responsibility to prepare the team for the beginning of the season and keep them healthy throughout the remainder of the season. In addition, he also helped prevent injuries, motivated the team psychologically and in some cases was directly responsible for their individual successes.

Training a sports team is the ultimate in corporate wellness. Each athlete (employee) is worth millions of dollars. Each game (product) is worth millions of dollars. If MLCC can keep a major league team injury free, imagine what Major League Conditioning Centers can do for your business.

Owning a professional sports team parallels that of owning a business. The athletes are the employees and their health is crucial to producing the best outcome for the employer. In business, employers should strive to help their employees be as healthy as they can be. Healthy employees are more productive; they have a better mental outlook on the job and typically are more willing to work as a team for the common goal.

Major League Conditioning Centers has the ability to help your employees, and ultimately your business, get healthy. Call 602-230-8581 and talk to Bill personally. He can help you determine what your company needs to take it to the next level.

This is a letter from the Arizona Automobile Dealers Association to Bill Ross owner of Major League Conditioning Centers.

Dear Bill,

I am writing to express our profound satisfaction with the company fitness/wellness program that our company is engaged in with Major League Conditioning Centers. From the day our CEO made the decision to make a corporate effort to foster the health and wellness of our employees, we knew we needed to address the issues of obesity and diet. Having heard the ads for Major League Conditioning Centers on the radio, we were very intrigued with your message.

Having you give your seminar to our employees at our office was a very fortuitous decision, as that provided the impetus to push the program to fruition. Thanks to your working with us to craft a company program, and with the company agreeing to pay a significant share of the program costs for each employee, we were able to enlist a full 30% of our staff to go through the program. That is no small feat, particularly in today’s economy. As you know, the results have been spectacular. The expressions of gratitude we have received from our employees have been amazing. They have been so excited throughout the program. It is the first thing they talk about every morning when they come to work, and it has produced a bonding never experience before. As a result of just eighteen sessions, they are happier, healthier, and more productive employees than before.

The personal satisfaction and progress gained from the first 18-session program was so profound, that the employees asked for, and received, an opportunity to continue training with Major League Conditioning. And, as you know, every single one of them has signed up for another round of the program. They like the facility. They like the feeling of community and support. Most of all, they like the way they are handled by the trainers and the staff. They feel that everyone is personable, and supportive, and that they really care about the welfare of the client. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the program actually works!

Needless to say, we are very happy that our company forged this relationship with Major League Conditioning, and our employees thank us for it every day.

Very truly yours,
AADA Services, Inc.
David S. Smith
Director of Operations