Through the years successful business people have learned to use visualization to drive their accomplishments. And whether you realize it or not, your vision (or lack thereof) is at the root of what you have achieved in life. Each of us envisions, but since much of this mental imaging is done subconsciously, we often take no notice of it; few of us learn to access it and use it to our advantage.

Yet, your accomplishments and achievements and particularly your current health and fitness level are largely due to your own mental images. Have you ever said something like, “I just don’t see myself running a marathon.” “I can’t imagine being pain free.” “I can’t picture myself wearing a swimsuit again.”

The verbs in those statements – “see, imagine and picture” – all refer to the mental imaging that is critical in any achievement. To change your present state of health or to preserve the good health you now have, you must create a clear mental picture of what health “looks like” to you. If you don’t “see” good health, you will never achieve it.

Regardless of whatever else you may do for health, in order to succeed you must harness the power of visualization. “You become what you think about all day,” and you can direct your thoughts so you can accomplish the things you desire most. Without a clear vision of health, you will very likely end up with the sickness and disease facing most people today.

Rather than passively allowing advertisements and media blitzes to program your mental images, you can actively formulate your own visions and thus, take control of the outcome. Ultimately the mind has an amazing capacity to direct the body.