The Blood is the river of life which nourishes all organs and tissuesblood-healthy

Anyone seeking to prevent ill health or improve their sense of well being can benefit from blood microscopy. A simple finger prick is performed and a drop of blood is placed on a microscope slide.

It is then examined through a high-powered phase contrast microscope. Blood microscopy is a technique that has been used since the 1920’s. It reveals:

  • free radical activity
  • immune stress
  • fungi (yeast), bacteria, parasites and other microorganisms
  • digestive weakness
  • pH imbalance – over acidity or alkalinity
  • crystalline structures
  • nutritional deficiencies; areas of toxicity and congestion


You will see the characteristics of your own blood cells on the video screen and receive a verbal explanation and description of the viewing. It should be noted that blood viewing by microscopy is not a diagnostic procedure. It is an aid in the selection of supplements, nutritional support and lifestyle changes based on individual needs.

The environment that nature has provided for us has undergone dramatic changes at the hands of man. Modern agriculture, determined to seek maximum harvests and profits by any means available, has changed the nature of what is being presented to us a food. The food processing industry has carried this step further by presenting us with a vast array of attractive, appealing, tasty substances that are so devitalized, so deficient in vitamins, enzymes, fiber, certain biochemical elements and nutrients that we can scarcely call them foods or the additives that give them shelf life in the supermarket.

Our bodies are made of the dust of the earth, so we must live close to the earth, the vegetable, fruits, nuts, berries, flowers and herbs that transform the chemicals of the earth into living biochemicals, fit for our use.

While we say nutrition is the most important, it is not everything. But, we must realize that when we apply the mental, physical, mechanical and chemical therapies in the healing arts, it will be to no avail unless the nutritional foundation has been properly laid. No therapy can ultimately be successful unless we have the nutritional art working with us.

Know the conditions of the body’s cells and you will understand why the body is sick. Correct the cellular imbalance and you have the key to healing. From: The Chemistry of Man by Dr. Bernard Jensen

Bill Ross is a certified blood microscopist and has been using this modality since 1997 to help his clients obtain optimal health. When exercise and improved eating habits do not allow a client to achieve their goals, Major League Conditioning Centers can utilize the microscope along with a nutrition based health survey to determine the condition of the blood and recommend nutritional supplements. Blood microscopy is only used as a nutritional tool.

Fee Schedule

  • Initial Consultation $100.00
    45-60 minutes
  • Follow-up $ 35.00
    If needed

Pricing subject to change without notification. Blood microscopy is by appointment only. 

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