(The Thirty Minute Workout )

Body fat loss averages 3-5% (5-30 lbs of fat!) along with an average of 50% overall strength gain in the first 6 week program (just 9 hours of training!), and without the expected soreness usually associated with personal training.1on1pt

Clients who opt for one-on-one personal training will find they are challenged physically as well as mentally in a program that lasts a mere 30 minutes. A full program consists of eighteen sessions which is typically completed in approximately six weeks. The first program is designed to build the foundation for which other programs will be built upon.

  • Increase overall body strength by at least 50%
  • To lose 5-30 pounds of fat
  • Increase joint health
  • Create more range of motion and flexibility

Once this program is completed, the client is now prepared to move specifically toward their goals, i.e.: continued fat and weight loss, overall conditioning, sport specific training, flexibility, weight gain, rehabilitation.

MLCC prides itself on accommodating the busy individual who desires results but has a limited schedule in which to train. Our programs work well for those people who have to travel frequently. Clients are very pleased to discover the results that can be obtained in thirty minutes, three times per week. These exercise programs along with proper nutrition is a proven method to lose body fat and keep it off.

MLCC clients enjoy training in our clean, comfortable, non-intimidating environment.

Don’t just take it from us… listen to what some of our happy clients have to say:

Think a good trainer can’t make a difference? Ask my son, who lost 90 pounds, made the football team, and developed lifelong exercise and eating habits that have given him an incredible physique. Ask my daughter, who has a new-found confidence and sense of herself since working with Bill. Ask me — new strength, and my 60-year-old back has never felt better. For all of this, I am eternally grateful. MLCC changes lives. Period. – Jim Fassold (Phoenix, AZ)
* Want to hear more of Jim’s story? Listen to this episode of Bill Ross’ radio show and hear from Jim and his son about their fitness transformation.

Major League is the best. Just finished my first program. 18 30 minute sessions so in 8.5 hours i lost 4 pounds, 5.5 inches and increased my strength by 83.5%. For very little time the results are awesome. They also work with your nutrition….it is a total program! – Tiffiny Strever (Glendale, AZ)

Major League Conditioning is an excellent choice for personal training. Bill and Kim take the time to personalize your workout for maximum results and the atmosphere is relaxed and positive. I highly recommend that you attend one of the informative Thursday night sessions where Bill will explain the philosophy behind the 30 minute workout and then sign up for a program. – Sam Passamonte (Phoenix, AZ)

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