Muscle Relaxation And Stress Reduction

Most people who stretch spend only a few minutes, before or after their workout, stretching their calves, quads or other muscles. This practice has some benefit if the proper technique is used. Some people buy books or videos to learn how to stretch, however the true benefits come from creating the ability to relax all the muscle groups and to learn how to breathe and relax the mind. The best way to gain benefits without the risk of injury is by personal instruction. Since everyone’s body is structured differently, a stretch that is good for one person may be harmful to another.

Unlike some yoga classes, which generally will have everyone doing the same poses or stretches, MLCC’s individual instruction takes everyone’s physical limitations, injuries and imbalances into account. In one-on-one stretching, the trainer will control the stretch in a way that will prevent soreness and injuries, while creating the maximum benefit from the stretch.

There are many benefits to proper stretching; preventing major injuries before they occur, relieving stress and tension, enhancing athletic performance, eliminating aches and pains, improving circulation, and lowering blood pressure. All of these combine to make the body resilient to the physical and mental demands that are made upon us.