Bill Ross has written the book, The Fitness Puzzle Making the Pieces Fit, which is an in-depth look at MLCC’s nutritional philosophy. Once a month, Bill leads an introductory seminar teaching his cutting edge nutrition and exercise beliefs. Learning this information gives people the tools to easily manage their lives in a healthier environment.

5 Things You Should Know About This Book

  • This refreshing read is bound to give you a new way of thinking about health and fitness.
  • It dares to challenge conventional wisdom and does so truthfully and clearly.
  • You are likely to be surprised, even amazed, by many of the facts about exercise and nutrition it reveals.
  • When you finish this easy, well-illustrated read, you will be ready, even eager to set out on a new course of action that can change your life for the better.
  • … and you will understand why Bill Ross has been able to change the outlook, performance and fitness of world class athletes and thousands of people like us.