philosophyMajor League Conditioning Centers (MLCC), established in 1988, is a physical fitness environment unlike any other. It is meant to bring the secrets of optimum performance conditioning and injury prevention, usually reserved for professional athletes, to any individual who is serious about being their best.

Unlike health clubs and other group fitness programs, MLCC is founded on the principle that you are unique in body and mind and your fitness program should reflect your personal choices and characteristics. MLCC radiates the positive feelings associated with successful self-improvement.

At Major League Conditioning Centers we do not follow the conventional paths associated with exercise and nutrition, in that; no pain-no gain, calories in vs. calories out, or excessive training. We feel that we are on the leading edge in changing how people look at diet and exercise. We prefer to teach people that there is an optimal amount of the correct type of training that will provide the desired outcome based upon the individuals environment, needs and desires. We don’t believe that you have to forfeit your future for results today.