“In only six weeks of training, I lost 17 fat pounds, at least a full pant size and got a lot stronger without bulking up”.

John P. Glendale, AZ

“By the end of my first six week program I lost 16 pounds, 6.5 inches, mostly around my waist. I feel better, I eat better and my stress levels have improved”.

Doug S. Peoria, AZ

“Every six weeks the program changes, keeping my body and mind engaged and refreshed. The trainers give me the focus, support and positive reinforcement I need to stay committed and motivated”.

Jay T. Phoenix, AZ

“Although the name sounds intimidating that couldn’t be farther from the truth. The facility is intimate and clean, the trainers know how to get the best out of me, I have met a lot of fabulous women and men that I enjoy being around”.

Tara M. Phoenix, AZ

“Major League Conditioning Centers have helped me gain control of my life, lose weight and enjoy the process. The workouts are 30 minutes, 3 times a week, and every time you leave, you know the time was beneficial”.

Josh G. Phoenix, AZ

“Major League Conditioning Centers is different, a real thirty minute workout that gets results, nutritional guidance that makes sense, set in a clean, comfortable environment. It’s a great place for those men and women that want personal training without the stigma that comes with large, crowded, overwhelming health clubs”.

Gregg F. Phoenix, AZ

“Major League Conditioning Centers gives me the kind of training I need. Programs that make sense and are do-able along with sound nutritional information”.

John K. Gilbert, AZ

“I lost 15 pounds of fat and doubled my strength in only six weeks”.

Tiwi N. Phoenix, AZ

“Their philosophy on exercise and nutrition was unique yet simple. Six weeks later I had lost over 10 ½ inches, 15 fat pounds and got a lot stronger”.

Nancy P. Phoenix, AZ

I’m a runner and with Bill’s personalized programs I have set personal bests in my running”.

Paul G. Glendale, AZ

“In just 6 weeks at Major League Conditioning Centers I dropped 8% body fat, got stronger and more flexible. The 30 minute workouts are more effective than any 90 minute programs I had ever used”.

Dave T. Glendale, AZ

“I lost 20 pounds in 4 weeks and can honestly tell you that this program is the healthiest, most efficient way to lose weight and get stronger. It absolutely works!”

Shana E. Goodyear, AZ

“My reason for coming to MLCC was different than most. I wanted to gain weight. In the first six weeks, I gained about 6 pounds and reduced my body fat. After about 4 ½ months I gained nearly 20 pounds, most of which was muscle”.

Jonathan H. Scottsdale, AZ

“I went to Major League Conditioning for a consultation and started the program. It was no joke. After 6 weeks of 18 thirty minute sessions, three times a week, my energy level greatly improved. I lost 5.1% body fat, 10.6 fat pounds, gained muscle and increased my strength by 121%. Thanks Bill and staff”.

Tony M. Scottsdale, AZ

Bill Ross, from Major League Conditioning Centers, has done a remarkable job of creating a process that really gets results! His clients are loyal to him and his process and appreciative of his whole staff. Lot’s of people go to the gym hoping to get results, but Major League Conditioning Centers specializes in results. Whether that is improving your cardio, strength or general conditioning, Major League Conditioning Centers can help!”

John Cattermole, Clinic Director, Egoscue Phoenix

When I started I had 35% body fat, within 6 weeks I lost 9% body fat and had gained 80% strength. My scale went down 12.5 pounds and I lost 13 inches, and that was only 30 minutes 3 times a week. Thank you Major League Conditioning Centers”.

Melissa M. Surprise, AZ