Fitness is not a one-size-fits-all equation.

Most of the diets and exercise programs you see are sold as if it is: do this and you’ll automatically get that.

The road to better health and fitness is not about getting one thing right whether it be exercise, counting calories, or nutrition.

Fitness is a puzzle. There are many variables in the health and fitness equation, and you need to pay attention to all of them in order to get the long-term results you want. Like a puzzle, all of the pieces need to fit together to give you the final product you want. If you leave some out, you will have a picture that is incomplete.

While our bodies are all the same, every person is a little different, so the things that work for one person, may not work the same way for somebody else.

The human body constantly adjusts to the environment it is in. Think about it for a moment. The environment includes all the variables the body has to deal with to stay as healthy as it can:

* what and how much you eat
* the amount of rest you get
* genetics
* stress
* activity level
* where you live and under what conditions
* alcohol consumption
* hormones
* illness
* disability

In other words, everything counts – not just calories, not just exercise.
We are all made up of the same material, but we all have a unique, individual environment.

Fat is not a problem. It is a symptom of some other cause. You may want to fight fat, but your body may be fighting another fight. If we can adjust the variables in our life, the other things will fall into place. Exercise is one variable. Calories are another. But there’s much more to health and fitness than just those two things.

This is an excerpt from “The Fitness Puzzle – Making The Pieces Fit”
by Bill Ross is available at